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Together we share ideas
Meccanica Scotti / Partnership

ITTC – Italian Tools Technology Company


ITTC Italian Tools Technology Company was founded in 2014 by a partnership of four Italian companies:
Meccanica Scotti, Polledri, Poliangolar and GFB Group, specialized in equipment for machine tools and special tools.

The combination of innovation, know-how, engineering skills and different products led to the creation of a technical-commercial network whose aim is to grow and expand towards Italian and foreign market.

The client can count on ITTC’s wisdom, reliability and strength for finding the right solution to optimize his productive resources.

The four companies have one common philosophy:
– To care about the quality of their products, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy
– To constantly invest in research and development
– To collaborate together with clients in order to find the best final solutions.